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late night shit

Anyone knows that life doesn't go one direction, so it may go up and also down, depending on the situation and as humans we don't really notice that until getting in some kind of troubles that get us slapped and awaken to the "bad reality".
Thanks to these times like this, because its help us realize how fortunate we were, but never got really content...
So whenever we have problems we go back to God asking for forgiveness on something that we claim it will be the last time...,how funny is that, soo funny because it is the case whenever we get fucked up, so I wonder are we playing with God or what?!

while writing this I really wonder am I this type of people...,because I think I am, despite the fact that I am not writing this because of myself but because of someone else.
I advised him before getting fucked up, so can blame him really? or I don't have the right to, due to our human mistaken nature. deep down my fucking soul I feel like I am kind of responsible but what should I do it is meant to be like this, so I have to believe in the process and hopefully everything will be okay!

seriously talking this is a horrible experience hhhhh not for me as it is for him(I am not sad thought, I'm just scared of the future)